Climbing Tree Stands


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Hey y'all,
I'm new here and I thought I'd start a thread. I bowhunt in North Carolina. I'm looking for a good climbing tree stand and need some advice. I've looked at Summit stands, Buckshot stands, and Buckhorn stands. I like the leveling tree stands as I don't like heights and they seem safer. Anyone have any good recommendations on a good climbing leveling stand?
Just about all of the climbers now have a similar seat. The trick is adjusting he straps. It can be a pain but is worth it. I adjust my straps so the back of the seat is slightly lower than the front. The whole seat needs to be lowered so your arms rest comfortably on the rails Depending on the tree, it can still be off slightly but your overall comfort is enhanced by the adjustment. I personally have two Summit stands. One is open (Cobra) in the front for bowhunting while the other (Viper) is closed. I actually would like the bigger version. I can't remember the name off hand but it is pretty comfortable. My brother has one and I'm sold on it. I'm just to cheap to buy another when I already have two that suit my needs.
I have a summit and a timbertall but the one I really like is a treewalker, this thing is light, comfortable and sticks to the tree like molasses due to the spikes they have at the tree contact area. This is not a leveling stand like the timbertall but with the low profile it has never been a problem keeping it level on a tree.ProMagLT.jpg
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