Chickasaw Plum Seed


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I know it’s probably a month or more out before the fruit matures, but would anyone be willing to send me some Chickasaw plum seed once it’s available? Would like to get some thickets started on my place. I’d gladly pay for the seed and shipping.



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As long as i eat them first but I will SPIT them out and you can scarify,these are some behind ranger.I would plant seedlings if given the csandhiil plum.jpg
choice,with a pull behind planter you can plant alot.I have about 6 plots with apx 2000 planted ones total and at least that many have sprouted around the patches.Some were planted in material and most were just planted and took over
zone 6 and fairly light soils,I bought some chickisaw or sand hill plum seeds from a company but really don't know if they grew are not but they are easy to grow from seedlings.This planting was from 2 years ago and I planted 6ft apart.I know they will fill in but thought with the NWSG between rows might provide better cover.These haven't produced yet but are spreading by runners.Another good shrub is fragrant sumacsandhill 2018.jpg fragrant sumac 2018.jpg
You can order seedlings from Oklahoma forestry agency. I planted 50 of them this year. So far about 95 percent have leaves out and appear to be doing well. Which is surprising considering we haven’t had much rain in SW Oklahoma. They are dirt cheap as well, but if you want seeds I can send you all you want along with some persimmons if you want any of those as well.

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You can get seedlings from Mo or Ks also,I would plant several feet apart as they will fill in.Mine are on pretty bad soil and they still grow,thats why they are called sand hill plums.I have drove up on tractor and seen deer bedded in the rows even the ones that have fabric material.