Chestnut Damage


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Anybody ever seen this on their chinese chestnuts? I've had this happen to 5 of the ones I started from the seeds Wayne sent me. The other four have all died soon after this appeared. I'm wondering if it ain't the Blight.

Chestnut Damage 1-11-20.jpg
Whatever it is, it seems to be spreading on your property. Disappointing to see trees of that size dying. I hope it doesn’t spread to all of your chestnut trees :(
Is there anything below the tree guard on any of them? If not, my gut would tell me either deer rubs, rabbit damage, or something along those lines vs blight, as if it was disease based it would probably not care if there is a tube around it.
Is below tube as well.
:( Then i would have to rule out gnawing most likely, not saying a mouse or even squirrel or something wouldn't get in there to chew, but seems like rather large chewing then. Wonder if you don't try put tree grafting compound over it to prevent any disease from getting in there further. i have done that with buck rubs or bear club claw marks, you put it on with paintbrush almost looks like tar and just keeps any other bugs or diseases from penetrating in and allows bark to heal.

How about twig/branch dieback, that present already prior to these? Blight is just usually like an orange/red color. Can you measure the size of the infected area and check again in month or two blight will continue to grow until it girdles the whole tree.
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