Cherry varieties


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I’m looking to plant some cherry trees along the road to our pond. Are there any varieties that are better then others? Or some that are easier to care for then others?
I have Montmorency sour cherries and they grow like weeds and make better pie than sweet cherries. Sour cherries have many advantages over sweet cherries, including disease resistance, cold hardiness, and health benefits. Sour cherry trees are easier to grow than sweet trees. They tolerate wet soils better and have built-in immunity against pests and diseases. Here's a quote off the web:
Sour cherries have cancer-fighting Phytochemicals and Phenolic acids (antioxidants) as well as Anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation and inhibit tumour growth and development. They’ve been proven to help relieve chronic pain, lower blood pressure, and improve blood flow.
On top of that, sour cherries are one of the few naturally occurring foods to contain the sleep-aiding hormone melatonin, which enhances mood while promoting a relaxing sleep.