Chain guards for bush hog


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Are chain guards worth the extra money for protection from flying debris from a bush hog? Local dealer wants an extra $400.

I have an open station tractor now versus my old cab tractor. Since I've never mowed except in my cab tractor, I'm not sure how much stuff flies around to worry about.
My rotary mower came with one installed already. My tractor is open cab as well. Only time I see any real advantage is if your busting brush and the like with it. You can get some decent sized chunks of stuff come flying out of those that you may not want to take to the back of the noggin or your back. Sometimes it's the stuff you don't see as well. I'm sure if I ordered a factory replacement for mine from Deere ti would be $400 as well. Not sure a little farmhand handy work couldn't fabricate something yourself for far cheaper. Most of the mowing I do is pretty mild. If I didn't have one already I would find it real hard to justify $400 on one.....until the lack of one sent me to the ER!
The bush hog I have doesn't throw debris at all. So I would say no. I guess if you are mowing a lot of trees etc it could give you a little sense of security. I am typically mowing by self so don't have to worry about hitting someone else and I have never seen anything fly back toward me on the tractor. I would say use your best judgement. You could always buy a sawman's hard hat with face shield and ear muffs.
I think the chain guards are more to protect the tractor tires than the operator. You've really got to be unlucky to get hit by debris out of a bush hog if used properly. And the type of stuff like rocks probably won't be stopped by the chains. Never get off the operators seat with the blades turning!!!
I don't have chains on my brush mower, but I do have an enclosed cab. I've been thinking of rigging up chains for the mower lately. I've seen stuff fly 30 yards out the back of the mower.

Let me tell you, when you hit a rock, old iron laying in a field, or something else heavy with those blades, stuff flys everywhere.

It's a good idea to angle the mower so the rear has a larger opening then the front. That will help move stuff out the back.

If I can push it over with my front end loader on my 33hp 4x4 Deere the King Kutter will chew it up.

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I don't have them and I'm brush hogging with a 5 foot mower and a sub compact tractor. Nothing has ever been thrown at me and I mow a lot stuff I shouldn't be. ..I abuse that thing
Same scenario here at my house-subcompact tractor, 5ft Bush hog, and abuse the heck out of both. I don't have a chain on mine either and never had any issue but doesn't mean it can't happen.