Central Kentucky 110 Acres


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I bought 85 acres last June and followed up in January with an adjoining 24. I have 2 acres of fields and the rest is wooded. The attached images shows my farm outlined in red. The yellow property to the left is 150 acres that I also have permission to hunt. I just gained permission to hunt the 150 and have only been over there once. The 150 has a right of way through it that I plan to get an elevated stand on.

I have planted several apple, pear, and chestnut trees over the last year and installed a couple of water holes. I have a decent clover plot in one of the fields in my place but weeds are starting to pop up everywhere in it.

I'd like to hear some suggestions on stand sites for my place but more so for the new 150 I just got permission for.

The buck pictured is the one I killed during gun season last year. He was a 10 point that I only had one picture of from the week before I killed him.


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What county are you located in - we hunt on a lease in Butler County, KY on the Green River.
I will let the more knowledgeable comment on the suggested stand sites. Easy, quiet access will be high priority.
Nice buck you harvested. The new ground will mean more to after one season of hunting it.