caught a rock, broke a disc, need suggestions...........


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caught a rock Thursday night and snapped a notched disc clean off the axle. Disc is a king kutter 6.5 foot, with what were 18 inch discs, 1 inch axle. they now measure 17.5 inches or so from wear, not bad, but replacing the cracked one, as well as two that are bent with new 18 inchers seems like the no brainer fix, could even pound the bent back to where they should be as spares. BUT, this disc frame has room to replace the 18 inch disc, with 20 inch. Disc could be tipped so the 18 inch smooth blades out back still do their thing with the top link. Seems King Kutter uses the same frame for 20 inch and 18 inch model.

Soooooooo, all that said, what would you do and why>? 3 18 inch discs for about 45 bucks, or all 10 new 18 inch for about 150, or all 10 20 inch for about 180?

sources for quality lower priced replacement parts are welcome.

I probably just stick with the 18 and get all 10 for 150 bucks. Is the advantage of the 20" for just deeper discing or harder ground?