Caribou buck


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It's a slow time of year for trail cameras, so I figured I would post some old ones that I like.

I first saw this deer three years ago as what I assumed was a 1.5 year old buck.

He was easy to identify in person and on camera because of the junk coming out of his bases.

In 2014 he put on a good amount of antler growth and got his current name: Caribou Buck:

Despite numerous shot opportunities, he got a free pass that season.

I was hoping to see him stick around the property and show up for the 2015 season, and I was not disappointed:

By the time he finished growing and was out of velvet, he was beginning to show some dominance:

He wasn't THE dominant buck on the property (I saw him get kicked out of a field by a mature 8 pointer), but he's getting there.

He survived the 2015 season (thanks to me passing him again about 15 times), and I look forward to see what 2016 will bring:

This guy was dominant over Caribou last year.

And just because I'm proud of it, this is that food plot as of yesterday after I no-tilled a local mix (Wannamaker Ultimate) last week. Perfect growing conditions.

I haven't gotten any pictures of either of the big bucks in the last month, but I'm not worried. I think they are camped out around the 4 acres of standing corn. Most of the deer coming to the corn like are young deer.

I transferred this thread over from QDMA do I could continue the story.
This is what that food plot looked like last week. Milorganite and plots aver are working. It's a miracle.

Plot is looking great. It may be time to take that 8 point out of the herd this year if letting Caribou get another year under his belt.
Great pics, Cutman. Caribou is a fine animal. You've shown remarkable restraint for sure!!

Nice food plot as well.
Do you find that the plot saver works well? When will you remove it?

Looks great!

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't! That's why I also used the milorganite. The plot is only 0.4 acres so it was easy to do both.

Plot saver usually seems to buy me a month before the deer are no longer afraid of it. If there is another good food source close by it will work longer.

Deer season starts August 15 for me, so I will remove the plot saver in a couple of weeks.
Gotcha, thanks. We are in the zone that they changed the start date to Aug 15th last year so getting used to your lowcountry seasons... sitting in a stand in Aug in 95* is something, lol

an extra month would be a huge help with beans and sunflowers for us
This is Caribou's nemesis.

Those G2s are pretty impressive for this area. I'm pretty sure he's at least 4.5, but he could be older.

Haven't see Caribou in a while. Moved a camera yesterday to the edge of a corn field. Hope I can find him again.
Very nice!

August 15th season here would put lots of big mature bucks on the ground in velvet...they are extremely patternable around here at that time...

Good luck!
I THINK this is him, but hard to tell since we can't see the distinctive left side. What do y'all think?