Cantilever Barrel for 870 - Crooked?


Hey everyone:

I picked up a used Remington barrel at a local shop today. When I got home, I mounted it up to my 870 and noticed that the cantilever seemed to be mounted slightly crooked to the barrel. So I took the screws out and there seems to be some adhesive between the base of the cantilever and the mounting plane on the barrel. Is this normal, i.e. from the factory, or was this done by the previous owner?

I'm sure I can put a little heat to this thing and get it separated and aligned properly, I'm just curious whether this is odd or not. It's my first cantilever barrel.


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I have handled many cantilever barrels and never paid attention if there were screws or not. I always thought they were welded or soldered to the barrel.
Yep, that's the barrel and cantilever that's on there. I think I'm going to go ahead and take work it off of there and get it lined up. Will post on how it goes..... Thx
I own a cantilever barrel for an 870. I believe it is made by Hastings, it is bonded with epoxy of some sort.. Mossbergs are the same way.

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