Can't get pics to load?

Alpha Doe

i have put a couple pics up, but now they won't load. I think I'm doing it the same way....what am I doing wrong?
Sometimes I get them to load and sometimes not. I wonder if it has to do with size of photo. The error message does not say.
If they do not upload within the forum, then I add to imgur and obtain a link.
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Try smaller images. Are you linking them or trying to upload?
Ummmm...not sure. I take the picture with my iPad, then I click on the upload a file, then click on choose a file, this takes me to my library of pictures, I choose my picture. Then I get the "wait a minute bars that flash" then it says no file selected, then nothing.
I have to go into my pictures on my iPhone and click edit and then resize them smaller. It sometimes takes a couple times of resizing.
To load from an iPhone or IPad directly you have to do it through tap a talk has been my experience.
It took me a while. I was trying to use the image icon to insert pictures (that's how I did it on the other site) but on this site you just paste the link straight into the thread. Hopefully this helps someone else.