Camera only write to Sd card


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I am currently looking for a trail camera or surveillance camera on a farm that only writes the photo/video to an SD card , as the area I want
to place it has no wifi and in a dip, where the phone signal is best 3g (if lucky)
A solar camera just writing to an SD card would be these exist ??
Any info would be much appreciated
Amazon has lots of different options for what you describe. Some have solar panels mounted on the camera, and some have a place to plug in an external battery source, which can be solar if you want to go that route.

Some of the guys on the other forum are recommending the $63 camera shown in the link below. I just bought one to try out based on what they were saying. It doesn't have built in solar, but it has a place to plug in an external 12 volt power source if you want to. I'm just using 8 alkaline batteries in mine, and my first set of pictures were good. This is just one of the many options you can find.

Here are a couple of pictures it took on my first try:


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I have 6 of the GardePro cameras, with a couple in use for a full year now. Absolutely no issues or complaints with them. I use lithium AA’s on picture mode. I’ve been through quite a variety of trail cams over the years and these are just as good (or better compared to just a few years ago) for a third, or less, of the price. Amazon has a flash sale right now - $40 for the E5 / E5S. I have both the model that Native linked (A3) as well as the E5, with no discernible difference in images.