Callery pear ?


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Kill it!!!

Elaborate please. It’s just one tree on my West fenceline. Happened to see it today as I was coming back to the house on my backhoe.

Nevermind, I looked it up. The word “inedible” was enough for me.......
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Birds will scatter those seeds and the next thing you know you have a lot more than 1. I dislike those trees immensely...
I grafted known pear varieties onto the ones growing in my pasture this Spring. My graft was 8-10" above the ground. I got 4'-6' of growth out of each one. I plan to bush hog around any new ones that come up. They will get the same treatment.


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I’ve only ever seen a few of those bushes in my part of the world. I don’t think I’m in any danger of having them all over because we are heavily wooded or open pastures that’s mowed or hayed each year. They are certainly not gonna be as invasive as a worthless sweet gum.

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This is a Callery the second year after I cut it's head off and transplanted another good pear (Hunter's Choice). I got the idea from the movie "Young Frankenstein."



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I agree in addressing it.....either kill it or graft it to a better variety. Leaving it to feed the birds will simply allow it to spread an undesirable non-native plant, just my opinion. Either way - on my place....those fruit are being removed and destroyed.