Caley got her deer


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Every year my main emphasis is to get my daughter on a deer, it doesn't matter if it's big or small, just something to come within 25 yards. Well it happened sunday evening. I've taken her every week since opening day and we have seen a ton of deer, just nothing within range until sunday when this fawn was being chased by 2 young bucks. She took them on a wild goose chase through the woods and then ditched them and ran right out in front of us and turned broadside at 20 yards. Caley made a good shot with her crossbow and the doe went down about 50 yards away. the terrain was such that i could push her chair along and she could blood trail it, something that she always wants to do but rarely gets to because its dang near impossible to push a wheelchair through the woods, I could plainly see the blood trail but Caley was pointing out every drop of it, theres some, theres some, I thought we would never get to that deer. LOL !

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that is great that you go to that length for your kids. Looks like you have a happy hunter there!!! Congrats to everyone.
Caley drilled that deer. Excellent shot placement.

Congratulations to the hunter and to the guide.

Thanks for sharing. I love a person with a "Can Do" attitude. :)
Nice shot and congratulations Caley and Capn. It sounds like it was an exciting hunt with the chase and a follow able blood trail. Best thread of the week!
You know, i have a special place in my heart for those who struggle to do the things i take for granted. Congratulations, Caley! I could learn a thing or two from her relentless pursuit. And Cap'n, we need more dads like you.
Thanks guys, i appreciate that. Caley got a real kick out of the replies. It's very gratifying to put in the hours to make your land a better place for the local wildlife and have it pay off for your kids. The first thing she said when we got in the truck to head home was "how many of these am I allowed this year?"

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Heck yeah!
Love to see pics of happy, successful hunters. Great job by both of you!
Congrats to Caley! Looks like she put a great shot on that deer! Congrats dad :D
Well done! All that time on stand was rewarded with an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys! That was her 4th deer in 7 seasons. It is a real challenge to get a deer standing broadside within her range when you have 2 people in a ground blind, but when it does happen she usually makes the most of the opportunity. Every year we get a little better at it. I take her every week except the opening weekend of muzzle loader and the opening weekend of gun. She doesn't like the sound of a gun, thats why the crossbow is her weapon of choice. I started taking her with me when she was 4 years old but I really never thought she would have the ability to shoot a deer. She had a bb gun with a red dot scope on it but she was NOT good with it. Then It dawned on me that maybe she isnt right eye dominant, I had her switch to her left eye and bingo. That year i got her a crossbow and she took the first deer she aimed at. There were 4 of us in the blind that day and we just about tore the blind up celebrating. If anyone needs a few pointers on hunting with someone in a wheelchair holler at me. I might be able to help.