Bushog & Herbicide Sequence


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Is there any issues with bushogging the field first then applying gly? Trying to kill two birds with one stone over the long holiday this weekend.
I have done that in the past and did not get a good kill. I really think it depends on how high the grass/weeds are that you are mowing. My problem was the clippings were so thick that I did not get good contact with the herbicide.
Best to wait for regrowth after mowing, because the regrowth will be the plants which tolerate disturbance and are hard to control.
I did it on my LC mix plots this summer. As others have said, it's best to wait for regrowth to get a more effective kill, but you can definitely get the job done by doing it on the same day. Especially if your goal is mainly a fall hunting plot. You'll have better luck if the existing growth isn't too thick. Good luck!

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In my experience, it's not optimum, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I agree that you can get away with it now much better than in the spring. Some vegetation has about ran it's course for the year now. I mowed a few plots early this week and sprayed them Thursday. Had quite a bit of thatch so I'll soon see, but I have done it before and been successful. Good luck !
Well I got it all done this weekend. Bushogged on Saturday and applied 2 quarts per 25 gallons of gly on Sunday. We only have a little over 4 acres of fields, so it wasn't all that bad.

I will keep you guys posted on how they look in a couple of weeks.
On another property I hunt, I sprayed gly today. I mowed it about a month ago thinking it's August, so it ain't gonna grow much more. Wrong ! We had ten inches of rain in August so I upped my gly ratio a little to put the hurt on the the rathere tall grass and weeds in the plot. I'm leaving Friday for speed goats in Wyoming, hope it's dead when I get back.