Bush hogging


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I want to bushhog a pipeline area of the farm this weekend. It has grown way up tho and is actually fairly good fawning cover. The problem is I need to plant a screen and possibly beans as well this weekend.

My fear is running over a fawn. Should I just not mow? Any ideas/thoughts on this to make sure I don’t hit one. We have fawns on camera that are up and moving already - FYI.

Thanks in advance.
I stay out of my high growth fields from April thru late August to avoid fawns, critters , and all of the nest.
I realize that its not always feasible though . I always plan on letting some of the fields grow for that specific purpose.
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its got to be a 20+ acre area

Maybe - I’ll just walk through the areas I need to till for a plot screen and leave the rest.
Dang, 20 acres is much bigger than I was expecting. Do you want to plant beans in part of the pipeline area, or are they two separate locations?

I wouldn't mow anything this time of year unless: 1) you can walk it first to make sure there are no fawns/nesting turkeys and 2) you are replacing the mowed vegetation with something more beneficial.
Just walking an area is no guarantee there's no fawns there either. I mowed a small section of my powerlines this weekend and luckily the fawn got up and ran from out from under the tractor, thought it was a bunny at first based on size. It was bedded up against a cage around a pear tree.
If somthing has gotten “way” tall an over grown its best to get the area back under control in Feb/March. Your able to navigate it and see trees that you may need to cut with a saw better. An a bonus is no fawns on the ground. I’d focus on your beans this weekend and let the power line be.
I have a 40' to 50' R. O. W. all around my 217 acres and I mow it twice a year. I mow in late winter and in late summer, that way the saplings don't get very big, and no fawns are ran over.
Ya so we just bought this part of the farm it is mostly clover but it is tall. This picture is on my cousin sent to me which probably doesn't do it justice. As you see a few flat areas that I would like to plant beans on, I also would like to plant a strip of green screen as that will help to block of this area and make deer feel more comfortable.

i can most likely walk it before I woudl till/bush hog so I could simply only do a few areas and mow the larger chunk of it in July/August.

Can soybeans hit the ground if you just threw them in there?

Pick some spots you want to plant. Spray 'em, wait 5 days and throw (by hand) your beans right into the standing grass. Go heavy on the beans, and pray for a good soaker. Maybe back it up with some annual clover, carrots, squash, and forage collards in case the beans flop.
I think you all are right, I am going to pass on beans this year possibly and simply wait till end of July/August. I will put in a few spots of brassica plantings on the flats, which will be good soil builders anyhow.

I will plant a screen this weekend assuming I have the seed because I believe I need to have that done in an effort to prevent temptation for road hunters.