Buckeye tree


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I've noticed quite a few buckeye trees on my property and they appear to grow at a much faster rate than most trees in my area making it easy for them to take over areas without being challenged. Based on my region of western NC and the height of my trees, I think they are yellow buckeye.

Do they serve any purpose? From what I understand they don't make a good timber tree and they are poisonous to most wildlife. I don't mind having a few of them around but based on my observation so far I think I'll have to actively manage them to prevent them from taking over my property?

Any thoughts or recommendations?

They should keep wolverines in the area suppressed and depressed!

Squirrels eat them. Turkeys might.

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Hack and squirt or cut and spray. They can take over quickly. We don't allow any Buckeyes in this state.:) Sorry had to say that for my OSU buddies. Seriously they are a shade tolerant tree and can spread easily. Ranchers hate them for cattle.
Luckily we do not have this tree where I’m located here in NE Texas. But we have bois d’ arc which is just about as bad.

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We have a few on our place. They don't grow fast here or well at all to be honest with you. We are probably on the edge of their range or in an isolated pocket where survival isn't high. I see nothing using them at all during any season. Something might value them but I don't know what.

Now mattpatt's dois d'arc is a different story. I love those trees and see deer use all the time. Great tree to have around :)
I have ZERO use for a buckeye tree. The wood is terribly soft, so unless you are into widdl'n with a pocket knife the wood is useless. They green up early and drop leaves early, I have never seen one browsed or the nuts even used by anything (although I carry one in my pocket as a tribute to my passed grandfather - he carried one and claimed they where good luck). I typically cut them or hinge them and move on. I leave a few just for the diversity aspect, but not for any other reason. They grow best on my place where the soil is fertile in bottom land/floodplain areas. I specifically had a large one I went to cut down and thought, "maybe this one is too big for me to be messing with".....and I shrugged it of and fired up the saw. I small limb fell out of the tree and hit me in the head! Not enough to really do any damage, but enough to get my attention. Ok,ok,ok....so I left it alone.....I can take a hint!
It's funny because this past Wednesday we had our usual Farmer's Market in the atrium of the medical center where I work and there was a guy selling some potted trees, including Ohio Buckeye. He didn't have them labeled. So I stopped to take a look and he said to me, "Bet you don't know what these are". I said, "Bet you I do and I wouldn't let you give me one". I don't think he liked that :rolleyes:.