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Has anyone sent in their trail cam to browning for warranty/repair work? I just received a replacement cam for the one I sent in (sent it on Monday, they got it Wednesday, received replacement today), I'm guessing these are refurbished cams and not new, seeing that it came in a just brown box and no packaging? Is that normal? It's definitely not the one I sent in (different serial numbers). Anyone had experienced with refurbished Browning cams?

EDIT: I found the answer I was looking for. Says on the website they may replace it with new or refurbished. This one is obviously refurbished. Would still like to know if anyone has had any experience with their refurbished cams. Great customer service though, got this replacement to me in 6 days. Now I'm just deciding on rechargeable batteries or stick with the Energizer Lithiums.
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I have bought and used a lot of Browning Strike Force cameras over the last few years. I have yet to have a single problem with any of them. Not sure what your concern is, you got a basically brand new camera back to you in under a week. Factory refurbishment puts the cameras through the same process as new ones. It would take a lot more time and hassle to refurbish each individual customer's camera and send them back. Sounds like an awesome result and great customer service. Now they will make the one you returned like new and have it ready for the next customer who has an issue.
I have no problem with it being a refurbished camera. Like I said, it was great having a camera back in my hands in 6 days. I was just curious about their refurbished cameras, if anyone has had one sent to them to replace one they sent in, and if anyone has had any problems with a refurbished camera. Not complaining, just curious.
I have had issues in the last two I have had where they will take pics for a week and then not for a week.I messed with the battery tray and got it to work and now sent in the other one and they didn't find anything .I called and got them to send me a battery tray which from what I have read has been the main issue.If they would have sent me one first could have saved us both 12.00 shipping and maybe fixed
I sent one in an they replaced the battery trey and sent it back within a wk. I was impressed with their case. Just resently bought 2 more brownings strike force hd's
Sent one back that was almost a year old. Didn't like the picture quality on the high resolution when zooming in to count points on antlers(interpolation). They sent me a new camera back. Still has the same "problem", but I just don't zoom in as much. I told my Browning Camera rep what I thought about interpolation and how Browning could correct the "problem". He said that they wouldn't sell near as many