Broadcasting rye into soybeans


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Hi Guys,

The first leaves are starting to yellow on my soybean plot and I plan to broadcast winter rye into them as an added attraction for the deer. When is the right time to broadcast the rye? I'm near the CAN/USA border close to Watertown, NY as a point of reference. Advice from anyone with some experience at this would be greatly appreciated.
I have already broadcast my brassica mixes into my soybeans. I do not know much about broadcasting rye in to beans but I am sure if the leaves are yellowing you would probably be fine anytime in the very near future for your area.
2 years ago I tried an experiment, I hand cast oats in between rows of standing corn. It germinated and started growing between the rows. After harvest it had the early jump on areas I plowed and planted after the corn was cut. Just adding this in here as an idea.

Thanks guys. I hand broadcast 140 lbs over 2 acres today. It was a little tricky wading through the beans as they weren't in rows. They were broadcast and not drilled, then shallow roto-tilled in. Not sure that it was ideal coverage with the rye, but I think it's close enough for the deer. Was really happy to see the pods have filled in nicely. Deer should be well fed this fall and through the winter. I left the beans standing last year and the deer hammered them prior to green up. I'm hoping that now that they have experience with standing beans that they'll hit them earlier this year.