Brassicas Prep?


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Should you spray before throw and mow? If so what and how much? Mixture of weeds now in a 1/3 of an acre plot. Going to plant the whole thing in the brassicas mix from Welter seed.
Last year I sprayed, waited 2 weeks, then broadcast. Other than a little urea burn 3 weeks later, it worked great. This year I just sprayed gly then broadcast. I was spraying onto established grass so had a great thatch
I'm a little east of you, but the last few years I have been spraying 1/2 of each of my clover plots with 2 qts/ac of Gly in late August and then broadcasting 1/2 a full field rate of Kale and PTT into the stunted clover in early September with good success.
I've done both ways Brian and better luck to spray at least few days before then broadcast and mow and/or roll. I put down 19-19-19 and urea at planting then urea again n 30 days. I plant first wk of Aug depending on rain. I use 2 qts/ac gly. Would have to look up fert amts if u want those when I get home. This rain event right now would be good planting but no way I can do it this weekend. Good luck

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Sprayed Saturday. Managed to spread seed today and finished mowing in rain. Will follow up with pictures and results later. (1/3 acre)