Boss Buck Feeder question


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I was going to buy a 350# combo feeder.
Do I need to buy the feet for it? I have a feeder right now that holds 300# when full and it doesn't have feet.
Just curious.
I thought mine came with feet.I would say not.i don't even use the bottom joint.keep feed in it and it shouldn't blow over
Mine didn't come with feet, I took a piece of treated 2x10" and cut it about a foot long. I screwed a 3/8" lag bolt into the wood little then set the poles over the lag to keep the from shifting off the wood. Works like a champ! I went with the 600lb feeder because I live an hour away from my farm. Didn't want to have to go every couple weeks to fill it.
I personally have 2 sets of legs for all of our boss bucks. I find the raccoons can hang from the spin motor when we put them on after we swap from the protein head. I raise is up another foot to keep the feeder rats away.

But to answer your question. It depends on terrain. If you're using the protein head it needs to be as level as possible. It doesn't like soft soils without feet

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You can get those shark teeth to put on the legs. I'd think that would keep them off?