Birthday Wish Granted - #1 Hit List Buck Goes Down Today


Today was my 55th birthday and I got a present I wasn't counting on. I have a long history with this buck having missed him last year with my bow and being heart broke over the last year. He showed back up in velvet mid-summer and then disappeared again until late October. Today was the day we met again - this time with a different outcome. Any guesses on score as I suck at that?

On the hoof in late October

One more shot on the hoof

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To bad my birthday is the summer or I would ask for one of those for a present!! Congratulations on a great deer. My best guess is he will be close to the 160" mark. Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday and great shot placement! One sure doesn't have to look long to see if that is a shooter.It looks like he walks with his head perfectly straight so he doesn't tip over.
What an awesome buck. Happy Birthday.
I do believe he will score in the 150's.

Happy birthday
Well I just read this thread. Happy Birthday to you friend.

What a great surprise gift to produced for yourself. A super nice buck. I would guess 153.

Well..................I got another pleasant surprise this morning. I finally got around to pulling all of my deer cameras for the year and low and behold I had another set of pictures from the deer I killed on November 16th taken just 4 hours before our meeting. Here are the additional pics I added to my collection to document him.

and last picture on the ground!

That's a sturdy 10, congratulations, again.

What did he score?

I haven't had him scored yet.

The taxidermist that I took him to is an official B&C scorer and he will be scoring it for me before returning it.

When I dropped it off he said it was "a deer built for scoring" and would make the 160 cutoff but nothing official yet.

Fingers crossed! :)