Big typical down



176 5/8" gross

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Congrats! Id like to hear the story too. Tough scoring on one like that, this early in the year!

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I got him in western Kentucky I've had him on camera for 2 years. He blew up from last year 30". I've watched him grow all summer. Patterned him to come through about every 3 days and moving in the daylight. We had a front coming in Monday and I hadn't had a picture of him in 2 days. So I knew it was my best chance Monday evening. I left work early and was in the tree by 4:00. I had a doe and two fawns come in about 5:00. They hung around until two smaller bucks came in a small 8 and a decent 10 both of which ran with captain Hooks. They milled around for an hour or so then a single doe came in. The two bucks moved off to my right just out of sight. Leaving the doe by herself feeding then I heard a deer walking just behind me to the left I though it was the doe's fawn. When I turned around it was Captain Hooks less than 15 yards from my tree looking right at me directly down wind. He came in completely opposite of where he should have. So I froze thought he could hear my heart beat and I said a prayer. I felt like he stared at me for 3 minutes but it was probably 30 seconds. Then I heard him start walking so I turned and grabbed my bow but it was to thick to shoot. I had a window to shoot a 20 yards and at 30 but he walked right through them. I was to afraid to try to grunt stop him. He keep walking so I went ahead and drew my bow hoping he would stop in my 40 yards opening and he did. So I settled my 40 behind his shoulder he was quartering away slightly picked out a spot and let it fly. It sounded like I hit watermelon with a ball bat he spun around and ran into the creek bottom the arrow looked like it hit perfect. I called my brother and dad and told them I smoked him but didn't see him fall. So I decided to give him a few hours. We started tracking him about 830. I found blood in the first 30 yards bright red lung blood. We tracked him roughly 600 yards before we found him. He never laid down died walking double lung hit. And the celebration began. I also have an official pope and young score coming to green score him tomorrow. It was the most awesome hunt I've ever had. We initially scored him at 185 Gross but pretty sure he will gross right at 175. I'm beyond happy just to have a chance to hunt a deer like this much less harvest him. Thanks for all the positive comments.

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Wow, that's a great buck and a nice shot! As a tracker I know those big bucks are hard to bring down.