Best batteries for cams..???

I use Energizer Lithium ultras in my Cuddeback cameras. They are out year round even in the Wisconsin winter. Not as many pictures in winter, but I would say average out to 100 pictures a week, per camera. I get a year and a half to 2 years out of them. each camera takes 8 AA's.
If you don't mind the pain in the back pocket, Lithium Energizers are hard to beat. I loose tract of time as to how long they last. The one camera is set to take 3 pics and 30sec video and I'm sure its been close to year on the batteries. And they handle cold really well. I did one time get a bad batch from Wally world that only lasted a month but all others have done great. My son does the rechargeable 6 volt route and those last long also.
Energizer Lithium is what I use and you can get them much cheaper buying in bulk. Check out Battery Junction. I did have one order messed up with them, but they did eventually make it right.
Also check out, was able to find the ultimate lithiums at a really good price there as well. Have a plotwatcher taking a picture every 10 secs that I put batteries in over a month ago and still shows 100% battery life. Best I've found and they seem to work better in the cold and are lighter as well.

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I like the lithium ones as well. They are expensive, and can be hard to find (damn meth-heads) but they are what I use when I want the batteries to last for a while or under more extreme conditions like in the winter cold. Cold seems to really drain a battery. Obviously how much camera activity you get will determine how long they last for you, but they seem to work for me.
The lithium's are leaps and bounds the best

However, I have been buying batteries at IKEA.....10-AA for $2....they work very well, but are alkaline and suffer once it gets cold out. If you have an IKEA nearby....check them out!