Best 3pt spreader

I've been researching them for over a year now. If using one mostly for fertilizer, you will want one with a poly hopper and stainless steel bottom/parts. I would look at Land Pride and Agrex brands.
I will agree with cutman. Poly hopper and SS metal parts. Painted carbon steel is going to rust sooner or later and fertilizer is VERY corrosive. You can prolong the life of a basic steel one with lots of TLC, but if you're like get in a hurry and pull the "I'll get it tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes.....and then your spreader rusts away!
I haven't found any place local I can get a poly hopper and shipping kills it from places like agri supply
Land Pride is headquartered in Kansas. There has got to be a dealer close to you. Typically land pride products are sold by kubota dealers.
If you will shoot bedliner in your hopper and on your spreader " wheel " even a painted steel one will last a long time. Mine is a 2004 vintage and still going strong. I've patched it with rattle can bedliner once since '04. I wash it out every time and dollop some motor oil on the plates. I quickly open and close the plates to get oil on the surfaces that are hidden. I also keep it under a shed. It works !
I ended up getting one from TSC on sale for 429.00.No poly models that I could find anywhere it didn't cost 150 to ship it to me.