Been out of velvet one week and already fighting

Finding out who the bull of the woods is.

A few years ago I had a buck picked out to try to take right before season opened. He was fairly visible in daytime on a couple food plots and on several trails where I had cameras. As it happened, right about the time bucks started chasing an outsider buck with a large body and not much else showed up on every camera I had out. Always moving fast in every shot. I had a camera about eight feet up a tree pointing down to a scrape and I was treated to six different pics of the bully buck and my target buck fighting. The pics were one minute apart so they fought at least six minutes in front of the camera. I never saw my target buck again. Ever ! I passed the bully twice and finally shot him out of spite as much as anything. He ate well though. o_O

There are folks who disdain the use of game cams, but I think they educate.