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New to game cams. Wish i had put this lower on the tree. Forgive the date and time. This is from last week.

I have a few does and a lot of pigs coming to my set up. This boar looks to be a nice sized one.


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Most of the time I set them about halfway between belt buckle and chest high, but if I put one on a scrape, I back my cart up to a tree, stand on the back, and hang it high. You can "aim" it down as Doc said above. Too many abandoned scrapes caused me to change my tactics.
I put most of my cam chest high or head high and put a stick beyond them to angle them down. Works great. Haven't had the deer spooking to the camera since I started doing this.
I started doing the same on a couple of cams this year. Put them about 6 ft high and stick behind top to angle them down. Like the results and pigs can't rub against them.
My bride scored this boar Labor Day morning. She's gun hunting and put a 243 round in its head. Conservative estimated weight at 175 pounds. His testes weighed five. LOL. We field dressed him away from the hunting spot and did so quickly. We deboned his meat at the house and he's in a cooler under ice. Doesn't smell rank at all. Pulled pork on the horizon, pork loin also in the future.


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