beans - boost


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anything that a guy can add to a bean field to help give them a boost?

I know with corn guys will hit them with UREA, anything similar you can do to beans?


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If you feel your beans need a boost, you can give them some nitrogen. Soybeans use, and will benefit from nitrogen in the soil just like every other green plant. Yes, weeds and grasses use Nitrogen too. Soybeans can also utilize Nitrogen from the air through root nodules with the help of specific bacteria, but it takes a while for them to establish. In the mean time, don't be afraid to use Nitrogen on legumes. ;)


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Depending on your soils and what you've had out there before, soybeans can benefit from a little bit of N, but too much makes them lazy and they wont produce any N either.


Not to hijack the post. But what about these products seems like their more and more. Any opinions.
Nutri-Plot - this was given to me and I used 9 years ago, but I can't say if it did anything food plot looked great but how much it did I don't know.
Antler Grow
Meen Green
Liquid Fertilizer Organic
Jolt Foliar Fertilizer
etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, they are everywhere now.


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In the farming world those are whats called, snake oils. Theyre just some fertilizer with some micro nutrients, if you could find out whats in it or have some sent in to a lab, you could make the mix up for probably quite a bit less.