Barnyard Heirlooms still in business


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Even though I have not posted any pictures for a while I wanted to let yall know lakngolf is still in the business of growing heirloom tomatoes. The southern summer heat takes a toll on the Ol Man but I still enjoy starting plants from seed and watching God do his thing with the rich soil, sun, wind and water.

Most of the maters are grown alongside the lake and on a small pier. I grow in pots filled with rich barnyard soil.



This might just be the best crop ever. The prospects looked great early on with the beautiful green tomatoes.






And the harvest was good



Even some pretty squash


Every year I save seed from some of the prettiest fruit. This year one of the smallest pots put on a show. All five of these tomatoes were from this one plant and got ripe about the same time. I used these five for seed.


I also have some plants behind my house, along with blackberries and blueberries




Recently I was floating in the water underneath the plants on the small pier. I looked up and saw what looked like a red dragon fly, or something. I then noticed that it was attached to fishing line, a rather long fishing line. I figured that they cut the line from the boat so they would not harm my tomato plants.

Dang nice! I have a couple questions. First, what tomato cages do you use and why? Second, what amount of water amounts and schedule are you looking for between rain and irrigation? I struggle to grow good tomatoes......
I have always used cylinders made of concrete reinforcement wire. Still have some my parents have uses for years. They are sturdy, 5 feet tall, and if secured will hold plants with lots of fruit.
I grow primarily in containers so I have to water often. Most get some lake irrigation but I keep an eye on them and soak with cool water from well when needed. Last three weeks that has been almost every say.
Since containers I read that nutrients wash through so I have tried to put small handful of fertilizer 1st and 15th.
Good luck with them
lak - Glad to see you posting up pics of your tomatoes and other garden goodies. Always look forward to seeing em! 2 slices of Colonial old-fashion white bread, liberal dose of Duke's mayo on each slice, salt, heavy black pepper and sliced home grown tomatoes is a delicacy.