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How bout some pics? That clover is about a foot tall.


The price of broadcasting is uneven stands. This is an up close shot of my best looking spots. I’ll be up next weekend and hope to see it fully extended by then.





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That ground staying green all year seems to have helped it firm up. It used to turn into pudding in the spring after a gly app or good beating with the iron.

Not trying to hijack but I have seen similar results in my short time plotting. These two pics are from when I first created this small plot two years ago and what it looks like now. Granted these pics are winter versus spring, but you get the idea. The ground stays much firmer and I no longer have the drainage ditch lines holding water, even during the winter months. This makes me want to keep it green year round even if that means summer weeds.

I am tagging along for your results as there is a really good looking fall mix from the local co-op that I want to try and it contains 22% barley.


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Getting to see and learn some interesting stuff right now. I got the stand of barley I was hoping for. I also got a stand of winter wheat right next to it. It’s neat to see them side by side.

This is a barley head.


This is a wheat head.


The wheat seems to be further along in grain fill. Still, the wheat head is noticeably bigger. Does that mean it will outyield the barley? Maybe, it’s gonna be close. It seemed like I had more plants per square foot in my barley than my wheat. So I decided to look it up.


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