Bare root nursery trees


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I need a little help, getting 12 - 5' pear and apple bare root trees next week, a guy advised to put each in a potting soil pot by my house for a year so they get a good start and so the tops are higher than the deer can reach when I put them out. Good idea or not? How big of a pot? FYI, I have a two hour drive to water the trees once I plant them in the ground so half the bare root trees I planted in the past died from drought and deer damage. Thanks in advance.
I would say it would take a big pot I wouldnt do less than 5 gal.Also I would imagine you would need to stabilize the tree so it doesn't move and damage the new roots if using starting soil.I plant mine straight to ground and cage
I would put them in the ground on your property and cage them. Fruit trees need to be caged for several years at least. Not protecting them once planted is like throwing money out the window. I have never watered any of my trees. Only ones I have ever lost were to deer damage from not caging.
Plant them! Pots are not going to benefit trees of that size, especially pears as they have large heavy roots that do best when allowed to grow deep into the soil.
Another vote for planting them in their permanent home now. Either way they are going to need to be caged in the field.