Axis, it’s what’s for dinner !


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Three of us went to the Hill Country to do a little grocery shopping last Thursday. Axis deer, mostly escapees from high fenced operations and their offspring, are abundant in most of that area. We happened to be near Fredericksburg and Luckenbach, TX. Texas Parks and Wildlife sets no laws on exotic or non-native game, so axis are just like livestock, they belong to whoever owns the property they are currently on. If they jump the fence, and these are low fences, then they belong to your neighbor as long as they are there. You may legally hunt them at night, no tags are needed, and there is no bag limit. They are largely nocturnal where they are hunted. And…..they are delicious !

I was lucky enough to see this doe about fifteen minutes after dark, and I was using a Sightmark Wraith day/night scope on my 6.8 SPC. As I was able to identify her as an axis and not a whitetail, I’m gonna be eating some really good venison this year. I’ve used night vision before for hogs, but this is the first animal I’ve taken with this day/night scope. With it, you can hunt all afternoon and stay after it gets dark. It should be great on hogs !

Notice her hooves, especially the front ones. One looks like she foundered, the other is backwards. On the back legs, the “toes” on one hoof are crossed. Strange !96A9A072-963B-4084-805A-97FFACC77785.jpeg
Congrats! Many years ago, I had an opportunity to spot and stalk hunt them with a bow in Maui. I could have shot a big buck at 20 yards, but I was young and poor and they charged by the size of the antlers for buck. A doe or ewe was free with the guided hunt. I ended up missing a doe and found out later my sight had been bumped.

That did let me try some Axis deer meat and I thought it was great!
I lived in Hawaii for 8 years, Axis venison is amazing!

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I’ll bet you miss the bowhunting there. I wish I had a Hill Country lease (that wouldn’t cost a mortgage) that had axis deer. I think I could stand a steady diet of axis, and I’d let those whitetails get old !:)
I hunted axis deer in Florida and had a great time! They're amazing animals to look at and the venison is superb! - TR
I sure would like to hunt one someday. Had a chance in 2006 but opted for blackbuck instead. That is some mighty fine eating, too.