Atv plotting


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Saw a cool lil toy for the atv plotters at farm and home supply today..


I actually do not own my own tractor but I am fortunate enough to have a friend that lets me use theirs. I started out plotting with my four wheeler and a 4 ft section of old harrow to work the ground. If I ever have to go back to using a quad, I think I would look for a roller/crimper setup like this and go no till.

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Looks more like a clod buster than a crimper to me. It will more than likely work, but all the ones I have seen pics/videos of have flat "blades" instead of round bars. I guess with enough cinder blocks, it would have the weight to get the job done.
Oh I got ya, I never even thought of a clod buster. I just assumed it was a roller. With enough weight I would think it would do a decent job of rolling over rye or weeds.

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I'd like to see the results of using it, to know what it really does. If it crimps, or could be configured to do so, it would be indeed be useful for those doing small plots with ATV equipment.
That is pretty neat. The one piece I thought looked interesting was from Kunz model 543 disc/cultivator but the price is to high to just try and pray it works.
Would you be renting a no till or getting like that genesis 3-4ft? I was looking at no till setups for tractor thinking that a 35hp tractor would do it but after looking I thinkin 40+ hp is needed which makes me wonder if an atv could actually no till