Asian persimmon to American stock?


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I have native American persimmons. I'd like to graft Asian persimmons to them so I can have some to eat through a wider window than just the days that my Americans are ripe. My question is - - seeing that they're all persimmons, can I graft an Asian to a native tree?
According to what I have read, American Persimmon rootstock is okay for grafting Asian Persimmons in the Eastern USA, but there can be some issues with them not being exactly the same as Asian to Asian. There may be a difference in vigor or ultimate size - which probably won't be a big issue, but could be. I have no actual experience doing it, because all my grafting has been American to American.
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Yes, my Asian persimmon trees that I bought are grafted to native rootstock. Should be fine to do, a lot of the commercial trees are. I’ve taken some of the scions from the Asian persimmon that I bought and grafted them to my own native stock and worked fine for me.

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