Archery equipment failure

Deer Stuffer

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I have not shot my bow in 3 or 4 days but I've been hunting hard. Just wanted to do some target practice today when I came in from hunting. It's a good thing I did. First shot hit the dirt in front of the target. Second shot barely hit target. I thought ok something is up. Some how or another something seems to be wrong with my rest. So now I'm headed to archery shop to see if I can get it fixed before this evenings hunt.
So glad it didn't happen on a deer. Just a reminder to keep your gear is good shape.
I always mark my rest and peep location so I can immediately see if something has moved. I’ve missed deer because a sliding peep (yes, they’ll even slide when tied in). It happens! For all afternoon hunts, I always shoot an arrow or two before going out.
That's solid advice Deer Stuffer. I had a D loop knot get loose and pinched the nock on an arrow....of course it was one I was sending at a deer. Caused a gut shot deer. I now always try to take a few shots before heading out.
On out of state hunts I’ve been known (more than once) to shoot an arrow by truck headlights. In a motel parking lot........:)
I have a bag target I can see in the perimeter lighting and pole light of our house set at 27 yards. I take a shot every morning before I leave to walk to my stand. At the deer lease I park my truck to where the headlights will shine on the bag targets and turn the headlights on and a quick shot at 20 and off to my compound bow setup is very simplistic so nothing has moved or changed over the 8 years I have had this one.