Arbor Day Foundation members?


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How many of you are Arbor Day Foundation members? I get my 10 free autumn classics sometime this winter. I am thinking about ordering some other trees from them as well. Anyone have any experience ordering trees from this foundation? I tell ya, my dad took me out when I was a kid and had me help plant some white pines. I couldn't have been more than 7-8 years old but I remember that day like it was yesterday. Which is odd, because I have a difficult time remembering what I did 14 minutes ago let alone 31 years ago haha

All that being said, I sure have grown to really enjoy this tree stuff and wanted to thank all of you for your advice. Such a wealth of knowledge on here and I truly appreciate it. Our land is a blank canvass and i'm really enjoying the process of shaping it how I want.

Im not a member but my parents are members. Momma always asks me which free package to get with her yearly membership (pollinator, fruit trees, berries). Normally about 10 bare root trees that always seem grow at least 1 year. Most all of the trees have some wildlife values.