Apple Tree Root Stock


I'm looking to add a couple Yates and Arkansas Blacks along with preferred crab apple to pollinate. They'll be on approximately an acre.
Looking for suggestions on very disease resistant semi dwarf root stock and a nursery to purchase from.
I'm in zone 7B eastern Va.

Thanks, Mark
The Wildlife Group has both of those, on semi-dwarf, and has a good reputation. I have pears from them which appeared high quality. Might be late in the game for this spring, I normally order late summer/early fall.

I would also recommend enterprise (my best grower), liberty and dolgo. I’ve only heard good things about chestnut, so would add that as well.

Goldrush has also been good for me and is another late dropper, but some folks have trouble with it getting cedar apple rust.

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What g squared said. I've got an order w/ TWG, should be here early March. I've purchased from Stark Bros & Century Farm (David Vernon) & he's a super good guy & here in VA w/ us also!