Anyone use this app?

App is called field navigator, you can find the size of your plots and even use it when seeding or spraying plots. only think i see is that you need a bluetooth gps for it to be accurate because phone gps can be off up to 20 ft. its basically like the expensive ones farmers use for their field but on your phone. they recommend the garmin glo gps to go with it which is $100. there are more options out there and didnt know if anybody had tried any.
Nope - I use my phone for texting, taking pics and web surfing......not sure why they call it a phone!
I use an app called HuntStand that has a linier measuring tool as well as an area measuring tool on it. I find my plots on it and measure them. I know it's close enough for gubment work. :)
yea i've seen those apps but this is the first one i've seen where could use for spraying and spreading seed/fert to mark your covered area. d/k if anybody ever tried one of the bluetooth gps out for your phone and how accurate they are.