Anyone try to make a blind replacement cover?


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Anyone making their own waterproof fabric replacement hub style blind covers? I’m thinking about giving it a shot. Didn’t know if anyone had tips or tricks, or if it’s even worth it.
Unless the fabric is worn out or torn too badly I would think spraying it with a waterproofing agent would be much easier.
The fabric is blown out. Didn’t last two Turkey seasons and the Sun beat the snot out of it. I figured I could try to make a new cover for it than throw it away and buy another.
In that case I might try it if I had the means to sew up another cover. I’ve had several pop-ups, and if I were going to leave one up for any length of time, I’d use a cheap one. I had a Predator Den from Cabelas that was a good, inexpensive blind, fairly waterproof too. I left it up several times for several weeks to deer hunt from. My Double Bulls were reserved for a specific hunt where I might use it for several days bowhunting antelope, turkey, or deer and then take it down. I might not use it over 3/4 times a year. I still have three DB blinds and they are still huntable. Good luck !
Considering talking to an upholstery shop? If the old one is in one piece, you have the template.