Almost time here in SC


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It's almost that time for us to plant here in SC. I need to spray soon to get everything ready. I am thinking about trying some no till this year. My plan is to spray, wait a couple weeks, spread abuzzi rye, some type of brassica, and some red and white clover all mixed, the finally cut with the brush hog. I may cultipack if I ever finish mine. I have bought the wheels, put them on the axle with bearings, finished cutting all the tubing today, just need to find some time to weld it up.

What's everybodies planting schedule and what are your recipes for success?
I'll probably wait until first couple weeks of October. I'd like to plant earlier, but it's just too hot/dry in September here. Anytime after October 1 I just start watching the weather. I think the latest I've planted was 3rd weekend in October.