Advice needed on protecting young trees


I've got 21 young chestnuts in the ground that are approaching their first winter. They are in 5' tree tubes, but I also want to protect them from mice, voles, etc. what is the best way to do this? It read about putting metal screen around the trunk, but I need someone to explain (in detail) what this looks like. I'm a city slicker, so treat me like someone that hasn't spent their life outdoors.

For example, do I need to bury the screen below the surface? If so, how deep? Will I harm the roots, or future root growth? My tubes descend 1" into the soil, is that enough to forego the screen?

I really don't want to lose trees to something I can prevent.
Of the approx 100 trees that I have in tree tubes I have had only 1 tree get girdled from a mouse that got into the tube.

If you want extra protection then get a role of aluminum window screen. I get it at Walmart. I cut a piece about 12" long and 24" tall. Wrap around the base of the tree and use an office stapler to staple it around the tree. I think I have a pic somewhere. I'll see If I can find it.
If they're in tree tubes I don't think you need to put any screen around the trunk. They shouldn't be able to get in the tree tube and if they did they probably wouldn't be able to get out (and die). But, if you want to do it as extra protection, get some window screen material, cut a piece that you can wrap around the trunk with a little space for the tree to grow and staple ends together. Sorry I don't have a picture but I'm sure some others on here do.
The tube is probably 90% effective with window screen being 100%. Inside a tube Aluminum foil can be formed around the tree also, and is probably more cost effective than buying a roll of window screen.
I have a roll of aluminum window screen. I'll give this a shot over the weekend if I have time.