Acorn/Mast forecast


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How's the acorn crop looking? I looked at about 20 oak trees today and not one acorn on any. Plus ZERO walnuts, near zero (3) crabapple, zero mulberry, low blackberry. I checked with my dad about 20 miles away and zero acorns at his place. He can't ever remember zero in the last 33 years there. This is southern/southeastern MN
Well I know in thd bear country part of Minnesota they are saying most mast crops including oak should be high this year.
Most of the white oaks I've check have acorns and some are loaded. Looks like a good crop in my part of KY
All of my Burr and Chinquapins are loaded. I haven't looked close enough at the reds yet to tell what they are doing. About the opposite from last yr when we had very little production.

Good crop of white oak acorns in North East Arkansas.

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Bur/white oaks in my part of MN look pretty good, a few that are loaded and most have some. Did not check any of the northern reds. Also, lots of american hazelnuts and found my first beaked hazel on our place.
I was out yesterday and took a look.

My norther red oaks are barren, but they produced well last year.

My lone white oak has some acorns but not a lot. It does this for some reason - only certain branches have acorns.....
white 8-28-2016.jpg

My native chinkapins are normal.
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Thought I would bring this one back up...

Bumper crop of red oak acorns and spotty white oak acorn production. Hunting should be good as we have lots of white oak trees and just a few red oaks so deer should be moving looking for acorns. I haven't been out in a week on our place but there were a few green white oak acorns dropping and being eaten over a week ago.

I have been brushhogging a property for some folks and they have a big red oak that is dropping a few acorns (early) and deer are under it all day long...
If it isn't raining I'll be under a Chinkapin Oak that's dropping acorns here in SW Missouri. My DCO are green and begging for rain. 90% chance of heavy rain today. :)

I hope the 90% provides you heavy rainfall that last for hours - not a quickie. Some rain will help the hunting and tracking as well.