Acorn float test timing


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Can you float test acorns during the cold stratification process? My dad just put 5 pounds of white oak acorns in his refrigerator for me. Can I float test them in 5 weeks and put the sinkers back in the refrigerator?

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White oak don't need cold stratification...they germinate as soon as they fall if conditions are right. You can prolong this by putting in refrigerator but they will start germinating well before spring even in frig...

Oh, and answer to your question is yes...
Thanks Okie. With that, I'm guessing I'll see some radicals in late December. That makes the culling effort even easier.

I was planning to start some of these and some chestnuts in 18's or one gallon bags but I'm leaning towards direct seeding. I just don't want to inconvenience my dad with daily watering choirs.

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Thanks for the tips. Are you guys that direct seed using tubes or some other form of protection? I'm guessing no protection would mean the squirrels get them all, or at least most of them,
I’m using about 8” of plastic drainage tile, set about 4” deep, with acorns inside and a hardware cloth cap. Come spring, successful germinators get tubed.

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