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Hunting a different property this afternoon. 120 acres that my family owns and I manage. I'm on the edge of a clearcut that has been replanted in longleaf pine. I've got a good feeling...
Got a doe and fawn in front of me. They came straight of the woods to a water hole I had dug a few months ago. Always nice to see them use habitat improvements.
Ended up seeing lots, but they moved just a little too late. After that first doe and fawn left I saw 6 more does and another fawn, then a screwed up looking 7 pointer came out in front of me. Some might have called him a cull buck. :)

4 more deer came out real late, and I think one of them was a nice buck. Just couldn't see him well enough.
That's the way it works out sometimes...Our big bucks are extremely patternable right now and I can see them most any evening...I could only imagine what it would be like to be hunting with a rifle while they are all still in a bachelor group in velvet...