6 x 6 shooting house


I just started building a 6 x 6 shooting house. Here is the start


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Are you actually using the logs for the legs or are they a place holder for PT lumber?
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The cedar posts should give it a natural look. It'll be interesting to see the finished product. You call this a "shooting house", I can't recall hearing that one before, around here it would be a hunting blind. Is that a common term in your area, like here in Pennsylvania we drink soda, but in Wisconsin they drink pop?
We call them "condos" down here in Florida.

Looks like some tough digging in clay!

How long do you think that cedar will last?
I have always heard to remove the bark off the cedar and they will last longer.

I look forward to seeing your shooting house project develop. Yes in the south, most people call it a shooting house.

I'm thinking about building a shooting house with locust tree poles.
I have a pole barn on property built in 1940 with locust poles in the ground that are as solid as ever.
I've heard cedar poles last a long time too but they are not common around here.
FL Plotter cedar last a long time. The white part of the post will rot away over time. The red part of the post will not rot easy. This are about 15 inches in the ground. The red part is about 9-10.

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I know cedar post you buy at lumber yard don't last at all.I would be worried about nailing or screwing to those post.The main frame needs to be bolted as there will be some movement