30-06 big tine

You talking their feed or mineral? Either way I dont think you will see a big jump in antler/deer size unless you have really unhealthy deer to start with. I use purina and record rack feeds in my gravity protein feeders but its mostly just to draw deer into my area and cameras. I dont have much for woods around me to hold a lot of deer.
I use record rack feed also. We don't have any ag crops close by and have plenty of woods, but only about 2 acres for food plots on a 500 acre lease. We are just starting on our 3rd year of supplemental feed and we saw improvements last year in how healthy the deer looked body wise. The bucks antlers saw little improvement, but since we are going into this year and another age class, we think we will see some good looking antlers this year. Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young, probably not, that only comes with age and nutrition. We got permission to open up a few of our plots this year, but we will still supplemental feed at a few locations to help out in the winter. We are hoping to at least get 5 acres to put plots in. We hope it will help keep some deer on us, instead of them going to the neighbors properties and eating their corn out of the feeders. We also place a mineral I make up or down the trail 50-75yds from the feeder so that the deer will use it on the way to or from the feeders. They tend to utilize it away from the feeder compared to right next to it.
We only have woods and any open spots we do have are full of rocks so a food plot seems out of the question so i wanted to get them some extra protein. Just gonna see how it works. Thanks for the replys

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