2nd year switch/pre emergant


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I am planning to spray my SECOND YEAR switch grass screens this week with a pre emergent.

I have both Atrazine and Simazine on hand.

Which would you use? Or both?

I have used as much as 4 quarts per acre with Atrazine before planting, and 2 quarts of Simazine.

Second year I have done some spraying, but haven't really dialed in what I should be using. Honestly because I usually forget and end up spraying after green up with Gly/24D. Does ok, but it freaks me out every year. Edit : (when cool season grasses and annuals are up/before soils are warm enough for Switch growth)

What do you recommend that second spring for a pre emergant spraying??
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I would read the label on both. Atrazine moves rapidly in soil and will smoke nearby desirable trees. Simazine moves but is not as harsh. I use it as a pre and post emergent for my lawn. I believe both have heat/date restrictions on the label.

As far as gly/24d that is a good combination I use for total destruction of almost everything. I'm assuming it will get the switchgrass also. For grasses only gly is fine. Once the grass gets tall broadleaves won't be bad.

Edit: Gly doesnt work on sedges or Johnson.

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Hoping to spray tomorrow. Anyone else have experience with and year switch pre emergent spraying?
What's your goal? A complete mono-culture of switch? For deer, you're better off with a diverse set of orbs and grasses. Perfect fields and plots look great but alot weeds are eaten by deer.

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Well i dont think there is a good answer being that switchgrass is not a cash crop or grown for lawns, so there's not a chemical designed for it only like bermuda. Any grass preventing pre emergent will prevent switchgrass seeds from coming up.

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I was under the impression Atrazine and Simazine were very standard used products as a pre emergent for switchgrass. I have used Atrazine up to 4 quarts/acre and had an extremely nice stand of switchgrass that spring, I have less experience with Simazine, but was hoping to make that switch if it was possible.
Googled those products for switchgrass and it claims people use them standard as well for second year, it just doesnt have the detail for rates, etc. For 2nd year.

If you know, you know, I'm just getting a lot of conflicting information on the application....