.22 Quiet and Accurate ammo


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I'm running out of what I've been using to shoot nutria in a suburban neighborhood pond setting. I need quiet and accurate ammo. I've been using the CCI Quiet-22 Segmented HP 22 LR ammo. They're 40 grains at 710FPS. I've been pretty happy with them. My shots are usually about 100 yards. Before I buy more, I was wondering if there might be better ammo for this situation.
I've cleaned out the adults from this pond, but there are several juveniles left. I shot 2 from this group. I didn't include the last one in this video because it did flop around some.

The video isn't that great because I had to zoom in pretty far with my phone.

20240408_102334.jpg_compressed - Copy.JPEG

Screenshot 2024-04-08 090536.jpg