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IMG_0175.JPG Just wanting to see some of the deer on some of your hit lists for this season. This guy is at the top of mine
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These two are at the top of my hit list this year. I'm still waiting on some of my other deer to show up.

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First two are big fatties with small racks, but I think they're old enough. The 3rd hasn't been around in a month, exactly what he did last year, so don't have high hopes for seeing him.

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This deer never misses a day being on camera. Had one daylight pic of him recently.

He would be a nice 8 if he wasn't cheating me on brow tines. He has a body like a tank and I'm sure he is 5. He will be at the top of the hit list unless something else better shows up.

We usually start seeing new bucks around the end of October.

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Before season began this deer was my number 1 deer I was wanting to get because he is the most ancient deer to walk our ground since we purchased it...

Laid Back 9 velvet.jpg

Now I have to decide which one of the remaining bucks is next in age because the hunt for him this fall was very short....

Laid Back 9 bowkill.jpg
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Congrats OKIE! Great buck! How old do you suppose he is?

Some other beautiful bucks on here as well. Wow.
Great bucks guys!

I guess I'm a little different on this. I don't do hit-lists anymore, I do "don't shoot this one" lists.
Congrats OKIE! Great buck! How old do you suppose he is?

Some other beautiful bucks on here as well. Wow.

Not sure on exact age but this is a picture of him in fall of 2014 and I figured him 5.5+ back then...


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These aren't the best pictures and i'm sure I will get more, but this is the best buck to show up so far. He just has that look about him.

Mr. P is #1 on everyone's hitlist this Fall around here. He's 6.5 this Fall.


Squiggles is 5.5 this Fall. I'd like to see him make it another year personally.
Crossover is at least 6.5 but I feel he's possibly older. He needs a carbon injection soon!


No named 8pt we had on camera for 4 years. He needs to go up on someone's wall this year. He's a minimum 7.5 YO this Fall.
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Another no namer, he's 5.5 this year and could possibly need another year but beams loom short so I wouldn't loose sleep if he's taken.

Wide buck here (24ish inches inside) and he's 6.5. Would love to see someone catch up with him.
Midget is a big framed mature 9pt we have had on camera for 4 years. He's never looked better but needs a new home!

This unamed 9pt needs to find a hole to get lost on for the next 3 months. Pretty deer, no way he's older than 4.5 and could be awesome with another 2 years under his belt.