2 bottom plow help

Ed K

I recently picked up an old 2 bottom plow. I am told it is a Ferguson. Not sure if that even matters.
The draw bar was bent, and I am in the process of repairing that, along with new hardware here and there, as most of it was loose or broken.
My question is on the coulters. Do I need them? they were not attached to the plow when I got it, and
I'm not sure how they are supposed to attach, and how to properly set them for offset and depth.

Here's some pics.

Don't mind the piece of threaded rod, thats just temporarily holding it together while my machinst brother in law makes me a new bolt..
So, how exactly are they supposed to attach to the plow?
Also, whats the piece of chain hanging off coulter for? It's only on one of them, and it's "captured", so I guess it belongs?

Thanks in advance!
Nope....they are bolted to the frame in a manner where they cut the "trash" in front of the plow. I have removed mine because the frame for the front one was causing issues so I cut it off! If you have lots of unbroken corn stalks on the ground they are nice to have, but I have survived without mine. I just mow the corn stalks and try to get them on the ground and let mother nature break them down as much as possible.

If you wish to keep them. You will need 2 "U" bolts per unit and a piece of steel plate for the back. The shaft of the coulter is captured by the "U" bolts and then clamped together to the frame with the backing plate. Do some digging on the internet and find some pics to get a better idea of what I am talking about....it isn't complicated. For setting you simply need to set the wheel to cut deep enough into the soil to cut the stubble.

Can't say I have seen one with a chain....thought maybe it was to ensure orientation, but maybe not.
Maybe this will answer some of your questions. Not sure if this is the same plow you have but it may shed some light on things.
You can see how the large "U" bolt goes thru and to retain the shaft AND how the chain get mounted to control orientation as well. Picture is worth a thousand words!!! Hope this helps.
I believe I have exact model!! Bought used and it looks 100 years old

Haven't used in over 3 years Coulters always seemed pretty useless

Thanks guys. That pic looks very similar if not identical to what I have. I spent some time searching, but only came up with one pic that was blurry and small..
There is only 1 hole through the center of where the bracket is, so rather than U-bolts, I'm wondering if it uses and I-type bolt?
But, based off replys, I am going to use U-bolts, and fashion a plate to hold them. I have them, might as well try them!
Awesome! Thanks a bunch for that link. My "Google" must be broken as I have been coming up with very little!

The pivots on one of the coulters is cracked, and needs to be cut out and repaired. I will likely try it "as is", once I get all the new hardware installed. I think this will make a good winter project after hunting seasons are over.