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This is my first "lease" otherwise I've been hunting on our own ground or land that we rent for farming. Technically we rent the pasture and will farm the ground when it comes out of CRP. The lease is just to keep the landowner from letting other people hunt on it. It's just a 1/4 section with a creek through the middle. There's about 50 acres of CRP, but not the tall grass kind unfortunately. I know the ground fairly decent and hunted on it a couple times years ago when they didn't pasture it and there were crops in the fields. Someone said once during a storm they counted 200+ deer in here. Looked like a herd of cows I guess.

Just looking for suggestions, the white areas are the crp fields, the green ones are potential food plots, and the rest is pasture ground. The orange line is an old railbed, with a ditch beside it for dirt to raise the bed, it's probably 10ft deep. I know they use it to travel.

The orange markers are potential stand sites, hopefully raised box blinds. I mainly rifle hunt, might get into some muzzleloading.

The square plot needs to be something that can take some grazing in the summer and come back, thinking maybe some white clover and a grazing brassica?? The cows will be in there for about a month maybe 2, I'm hoping to put them in early and get them out and let the whole place rest for most of the summer.

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I've never been to Neb. and don't have any Idea what that looks like but if it was me, in Okla. I wouldn't put a plot on the west border. I do it on the interior or the property, inbetween the east & west crp's north of the RR and along the creek between the east & west crp's south of the RR. Draw the does to the interior of the property and hunt the travel routes for bucks. I hunt a 1/4 section and thats the way I approach it, but I have a sanctuary to my west on the neighbors land and in the SE corner of my property. There is a 70 acre rye field a 70 acre lovegrass pasture and the rest is mixed woods and native grass with cattle rotated from rye to lovegrass to native in season and put on the lovegrass during gun season.
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Having your own lease is awesome. I have a couple leases and I found my last one on site called Hunting Locator. I believe their website is www.huntinglocator.com I have hunting public land and it is great but when you can manage your own place there is so much more satisfaction in that.